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Why are the EXP symbol fonts not embedded in my PowerPoint files?

The EXP TrueType fonts must be installed on the Windows system for PowerPoint files created by EXP to display the EXP symbols. Although PowerPoint has the ability to embed fonts inside a .ppt file, PowerPoint does not support embedded fonts when displaying Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) graphics. EXP places content on a slide using an Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) graphic.

There are two permitted mechanisms for installing the EXP TrueType fonts on a Windows system:

  1. Install the full EXP product.
  2. Install the free EXP Viewer software, which can be downloaded from the following URL:


Symbol Dynamics does not permit customers to redistribute the EXP TrueType font files.

Note that page 369 of the EXP 6.0 User's Guide contains the following incorrect statement about font embedding in Microsoft PowerPoint:

When you use EXP to save a document as a PowerPoint file, EXP instructs PowerPoint to embed the necessary TrueType fonts in the .ppt file. If you send the .ppt file to someone who does not own EXP, their copy of PowerPoint will display the file correctly regardless of whether the EXP TrueType fonts are installed on their system.

The EXP 6.1 User's Guide contains the correct, updated information.